Wedding Photography Adelaide,
Adelaide Hills South Australia

Unique photography for your wedding - a sincere, natural and real moments style of wedding photography - journalistic  - relaxed and creative capturing love - offering great value for money.

Glenn is sensitive, and has a genuine approach that is rather unique. His 'real life' perspective is one of the main reasons that he is one of the most popular & respected photographers in the country.

Glenn certainly doesn't mince his words when describing his perspective:

"After fifteen years in the industry, I still find the trust that people have in me is overwhelming. Potential clients enter our studio, we sit and chat about life, love, wedding day plans, and so on, and in most cases, they soon say that they would love to have me photograph their day. They are trusting me to enter their lounge rooms, their living rooms, their families, and their lives and they really don't know me from a bar of soap. It is very humbling and inspiring. In this day and age, it is more important that ever to capture love, no matter who it is between. That's why I love my job--I get to share these amazing moments with wonderful people, and capture their passion in photos."