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My Personal

My mother & father raised me to always embrace, respect & engage cultures. Growing up it was never about having everything you wanted – rather feeling fortunate that you had everything you needed. I will always remember that after dinner and clean up, they would get the turntable spinning to a selection of Mo-Town tunes that I would still be singing to myself the next day. I was a fortunate child to be brought up under such a loving, moral, and happy environment. I really miss them both.

This is my son Anthony – Watching Anth be brought into this world will always be #1 on my highlights reel of my life to date. He was a gorgeous kid and has grown into a wonderful young man. Although we both have busy lives with Anthony building an extremely successful physiotherapy practice and me doing what I do we always make time to see each other. When we do, crazy stuff just seems to organically appear from nowhere. I love Anthony as much as I could love anything.

This is my son Luca – commonly know as “Luca D” – I first met Luca when he was just 5 years old – I can tell you I have never been so truly nervous in all my life. Now don’t get me wrong – I can approach anyone at anytime without hesitation. On this day back in 2012 I was with him at state museum basically falling apart – until the lad put his hand in mine, looked up and asked, “can I show you something?”. At this stage I began to breathe again and replied, “sure man, let’s do it”. From that moment on I have tied a knot with Luca that from my perspective will never, ever come undone.

This is big Sam - My true anchor within my life – He helps me make sense of everything -  I had a client once tell me “do you know Glenn you have the most crap day at your office – then come home and your dog loves you – no matter what” I am a dog tragic.

This is my wife Rachel , a phone pic taken by a friend on the day we made it official that we were going to kick life's can down the road together!  While having a demanding career, Rachel decided to become a mother and gave birth to beautiful Luca D. Then carefully placed Luca under her arm and continued her endeavour of sharing her extraordinary wealth of knowledge on a global scale all while nurturing, educating and loving the most important thing in her life.  Rachel is the most courageous & dedicated person I know. I love her so!