Bel and Russ

"You never know how strong you are....until being strong is the ONLY choice you have"....Curiano

The story of Bel + Russ - WOW - What a journey for two of the most resilient people on this planet. I received a message from Belinda back in Feb 2017 to see if we could cross paths and speak of their wedding plans - We met at our studio on a Saturday morning & away we went from there planning their big day together which was in for April 2018 - We had the best chat & hangout that morning - We spoke more about life events than we did weddings - Together we pretty much solved all the world's problems over a bunch of espresso's.

A few months after that hangout our journey together continued towards their big day when suddenly I received a message from Bel that I can only describe as 'shattering' - Bel had suddenly become very ill which needed immediate attention & of course the wedding plans were placed on hold - over time we kept in touch & over the next year Bel with amazing support from fiancée Russ, family & friends got done what she had to & around July 2018 called to tell me the latest & that they were back on track with tying their own knot - I expressed my absolute delight, hung up the phone and the went into emotion overload !!! Bel had been so strong during her battle and the determination in her voice that day was extraordinary to say the least. On Saturday 9th of March this year Bel & Russ tied their knot at the surrounds of Barn 1890 Willunga - to the sounds of heartfelt cheers from the 100 odd family & guests that attended  - amazing times !!!!