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One of the most cultural celebrations I could ever imagine being involved in. After shooting Fatima and her family / bridesmaids for a portrait session prior to her wedding our relationship just grew from that session – I was like a rabbit in headlights all day and eve – I just couldn’t wait for the next expression to present itself to me and my lens – the whole day was built around the honest love & affection that Safi & Mohamed share and give so freely to their family, friends and even myself. the reception was just a dance feast from the get-go – and being a lover of live music I was introduced to some amazing African musicians & instruments – some of which I did not even know existed – the attire for the eve by both men & women was just incredible - mind blowing colours and fabrics including bride Safi with 3 different outfits - when you are involved with such a loving, cultural environment you get to a stage where you just don’t want the evening to end.